King’s Bay Frozen-at-Sea (FAS) scallops are the world’s finest. Harvested from the icy waters of the North Atlantic, our scallops are hand-shucked and frozen within 45 minutes of catch to ensure the highest quality and best taste possible. King’s Bay scallops are 100% all natural with no preservatives and no additives. 

Wild Caught Scallops

Our fresh frozen wild cold water scallops come from the icy waters off the North Atlantic.

North Atlantic Sea Scallop
(Placopecten magellanicus)

  • Wild Caught
  • MSC Certified™
  • Sizes range from 10/20 to 30-40 per pound
  • All Natural or Processed
  • 2lb packs or bulk packed

Frozen Raw Lobsters

Caught from the cold waters of North Atlantic, our cooked lobsters, raw tails are frozen and packed to give you the freshest tasting lobster. Convenient for easy cooking and serving.

North Atlantic Lobsters
(Homarus americanus)

  • Wild Caught
  • Raw Tails: 3-4oz | 4oz | 4-5oz | 5-6oz
  • Cooked or Raw Lobsters: 300gr to 800gr
  • All Natural / Processed
  • Bulk packed 10lb

Atlantic Haddock

Harvested from the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Iceland, haddock is favored for its mildly sweet flavor and lean, flaky texture.

North Atlantic Haddock
(Melanogrammus aeglefinus)

  • Frozen at sea within 4 hours of catch
  • IQF and Refreshed
  • Longline and trawl harvested
  • Year-round availability
  • Skin on, skinless, boneless
  • Fillets, loins or portion


Offering sustainable seafood and world class live and frozen lobsters

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